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Water Heater Troubleshooting Advice

By |2017-01-26T07:05:05+00:00January 26th, 2017|Default|

http://www.youtube.com/embed/SlyStHM9Nr0 When it comes to gas water heaters there are three usual problems that are normally seen. The first one is that the water heater does not heat water at all.  The second is it heats it up but it does not do so in the desired amount and lastly the pilot light does not

Guide to Safe Farming

By |2017-01-23T01:05:04+00:00January 23rd, 2017|Default|

You might think what could happen on a farm? Well lots of things if you are not careful. For instance, you can get crushed by the very tractor you’re driving or get wrapped around a PTO shaft.  You could get rammed by an angry sow if you seem too cocky and agitate her. If you

How to achieve a Winter-Ready Snow Blower

By |2017-01-20T03:05:04+00:00January 20th, 2017|Default|

Most homeowners weary of a long winter season put away the snow blower and forget about it once spring arrives. However, when the cold season comes by again, the snow blower needs to be ready to work before the first snowfall hits the ground.  Homeowners are faced with a couple of options namely pray the

Fixing a Jammed Snow Blower

By |2017-01-17T07:05:07+00:00January 17th, 2017|Default|

One of the most annoying things to encounter in the dead of winter is a jammed snow blower. Usually a jammed snow blower is quite easy to fix once you are able to locate and remove whatever is jamming it but you also need to ensure you are working safely.  Before you attempt fixing a

Improving Power for your John Deere Gator

By |2017-01-14T03:05:54+00:00January 14th, 2017|Default|

A perfect way of improving overall performance of your John Deere gator is to get more power out of it. To the uninitiated, the Gator class is a collection of all-terrain utility vehicles that are manufactured by John Deere. If you have a Gator at home, to get more power from it you need to

Car Brake Safety and Maintenance

By |2016-12-04T06:05:10+00:00December 4th, 2016|Default|

Without a doubt, the brakes are the most important safety feature of any car. But alas, many motorists do not seem to know how it works. When you are riding a vehicle, the only way it will stop is if the brakes work as they should. It is therefore very important to have regular brake

Taking Care of Your Tires the Right Way

By |2016-12-01T03:05:04+00:00December 1st, 2016|Default|

Probably the most abused part of a car, the tires are often overlooked when it comes to maintenance checks as most folks give it the old “ tire kick” treatment and if it feels solid that’s it.  However, tires play a very important role in terms of not only the obvious which is to move

How do you know if Your Oxygen Sensor is Going Bad?

By |2016-11-25T04:05:03+00:00November 25th, 2016|Default|

http://www.youtube.com/embed/ys6mNfNu-jo There are a number of ways a faulty oxygen sensor can wreak havoc on your car’s engine. Due to the important role of the oxygen sensor in your car in terms of ensuring correct air and fuel levels are running the car, any malfunction will result in engine malfunction.  Here is how to determine

Tips for Maintaining a Stick Shift Car

By |2016-11-22T00:25:03+00:00November 22nd, 2016|Default|

A stick shift refers to care that feature a manual transmission This allows you to have more control over your vehicle and if done right can make driving more efficient in terms of mileage.  Most cars in the US use automatic transmission to allow ease and convenience when driving but nothing feels better than to

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