Water heaters are important devices that you use every single day. They provide you with hot water for bathing, cooking and cleaning purposes.  If you have an old water heater make sure you practice preventive maintenance on it to ensure it functions optimally.  Avoid damage and disruption of your hot water supply by knowing the 4 signs of an impending water heater failure


According to Minneapolis water heater plumber experts most water heaters need to be replaced if they are more than ten years old to prevent leaks and disruption. If it is in a location where a leakage will not produce damage to the immediate area then you can just safely wait for it to fail prior to replacing it.

Presence of Rusty Water

Rusty water coming from the heater originating from the hot side piping is a clear sign that the water heater is rusting from within and may be leaking soon. However, if you have galvanized piping it is possible that you may have just rusty pipes to begin with.  In order to avoid replacing a fully functioning water heater by mistake just drain a few five gallons of hot water out.  If by the third bucket, the water coming out is still rusty, chances are the water heater is at fault.

Noise and Rumbling

As the water heater ages, sediment begins to build on the bottom of the tank. The cycle of heating and reheating will cause this sediment to harden eventually. Once this occurs you will begin to hear the rumbling and banging sounds as the water heater is heating up. This is a sure sign that the heater is at the end of its life cycle. Hardened sediment results in less heating efficiency resulting in higher gas or electricity costs for you. Secondly, the extra time needed to heat the water causes more stress on the tank itself leading to tiny leaks.

Presence of Water around the Heater

Call your friendly St. Paul water heater expert expert if you begin to notice moisture around the heater as this is a sure sign of a leak or fracture in the tank.  This occurs because the metal heats causing it to expand and if there are slight fractures the leaks occur. Once it cools the inner tank will contract and the leaks will usually stop.