Without a doubt, the brakes are the most important safety feature of any car. But alas, many motorists do not seem to know how it works. When you are riding a vehicle, the only way it will stop is if the brakes work as they should. It is therefore very important to have regular brake maintenance performed on your car.

How Does a Car Brake Work?

According to brake pads & rotors MN experts, it was a seventeenth century mathematician called Blaise Pascal who was responsible for the principle behind the braking system.  This refers to the change of pressure at one point of a confined fluid is transferred unchanged to all parts of the fluid.  In a vehicle when you step on the brake pedal, pressure is applied equally to all four brakes at the same time.

Basic Brake Maintenance

  • If possible verify the power of braking of each of the four wheels using a brake tester
  • Make sure there is always an adequate

    amount of brake fluid. Check it regularly and replace every couple of years or every fifty thousand miles whichever comes first

  • The brake shoe need to be replaced for every four changes of the brake pads
  • Determine if the headlights and brake lights are working properly

Signs That Something is Wrong with the Braking System

  • If the vehicle slows down but loses brake fluid it is possible that the brake pump is faulty
  • If you hear a chirping noise when braking then the brake disc may need to be replaced
  • If the car brakes slowly then chances are the pads may need replacement or there is not enough brake fluid left

According to brake repairs Elk River MN experts, the main signals that show that brake pads or brake discs are deteriorated and require replacement are:

  • Noise during braking
  • Vibrations during braking
  • Signs of overheated brakes
  • Warning light comes on
  • The occurrence of radial cracks on the braking band

Have your brakes check regularly to avoid problems later. Your safety and that of your passengers is a priority.