One of the most annoying things to encounter in the dead of winter is a jammed snow blower. Usually a jammed snow blower is quite easy to fix once you are able to locate and remove whatever is jamming it but you also need to ensure you are working safely.  Before you attempt fixing a jammed snow blower make sure you turn it off completely first and wear gloves to avoid risk of serious injury. Here are some helpful tips on how to fix a jammed snow blower

Blocked Output Chute

According to snow blowers MN experts, one of the most common causes of snow blower malfunction is a blocked output chute.  In this scenario, the blower continuous to run but no snow is ejected from the output shaft.  To address this, turn the snow blower off and disconnect the spark plug. Get a shovel and use the handle to rake or break any collected ice and packed snow that is jamming the chute.  Output chutes tend to jam up if you push the snow blower too quickly or if the snow is quite slushy. 

In order to prevent this scenario, slow down the snow blower, as it is only capable of taking in as much snow as the impeller can move. It is not recommended using the chute on a wet or slushy snow, as it will almost certainly result in a jam.

Ice-Blocked Auger

According to equipment part and service MN specialists, a snow blower’s auger will jam up if it is trying to blow snow that is too wet and too fast movement resulting in an inability of the blades to keep up. To correct this, turn the blower off and remove the spark plug to ensure the engine will not start accidentally.  Use a shovel to remove any ice and snow around the auger blades. Once all the snow and ice is removed around it you can now reconnect the spark plug.


It is not unusual for foreign objects to get stuck inside a snow blower. Most common ones are children’s toys and newspaper. If it is the latter, use warm soapy water to soften it first and then use a long handled tool like a rake handle to remove it. Try prying out the toy with a shovel or rake handle. Be sure the engine is completely off prior to attempting any foreign object.