There are a number of ways a faulty oxygen sensor can wreak havoc on your car’s engine. Due to the important role of the oxygen sensor in your car in terms of ensuring correct air and fuel levels are running the car, any malfunction will result in engine malfunction.  Here is how to determine if the oxygen sensor on your car is going bad.

Poor Gas Mileage

According to tune up car experts, one of the 1st symptoms is poor gas mileage. Oxygen sensors play a big role in adjusting a car’s air/fuel ratio. The mixture of gas and air a car burns in order to produce power is what comprises this. If the oxygen sensor has gone bad it could allow too much gas to be mixed with the air causing in high fuel consumption for your car.

High Vehicle Emissions

The oxygen sensor on a car monitors and adjusts the engine’s air/fuel mixture in order to attain the correct engine combustion which include performance and vehicle emissions. A faulty oxygen sensor will result in a poor air/fuel mixture causing incorrect engine combustion and hence higher vehicle emissions.

Rough Idle on Engine

According to preventive maintenance experts, correct engine combustion is vital to ensuring the highest engine performance. A bad oxygen sensor will cause a car’s engine to idle in a rough and choppy way. This is primarily caused by the less than satisfactory engine combustion firings causing the poor engine performance.

Engine Missing

As mentioned above, a faulty oxygen sensor will cause a car’s engine air/fuel mixture to become restricted or too lean, the explosions inside the engine cylinders also will be affected. If it is too lean meaning there is too much air but not enough gasoline, the engine will misfire. This is most evident when the engine is at its idle state.

Engine Hesitation

This condition occurs when the car is accelerating. A faulty oxygen sensor could misread the car’s air/fuel ratio requirements and could result in too little or too much air to pass through the cylinders of the engine. The result is a hesitant or stumbling engine.