The two most common problems people encounter with water heaters are they produce water that is not hot enough or they are simply too hot. Before you call your friendly water heater plumber expert in Minneapolis, be sure to turn the temperature dial to its desired level, wait a little bit and then recheck.  If the problem persists check out some of the useful tips down below.

Hot Water Not Enough

The usual problem if you do not get enough hot water is an undersized water heater This is especially true if you have noticed the problem for quite awhile already. Have you recently installed a high-flow shower or a new soaking tub that increased your hot water requirements? If so, you will definitely need a bigger water heater. If you do not want to encounter this problem again, checkout tankless water heaters, which can supply you with hot water constantly.

If there is no recent increase in demand for hot water yet you do not get enough of it still, consider also if outdoor temperatures have gone down which will explain why it would be more difficult for your hot water heater to store and maintain water to the temperature you prefer. Adjust the thermostat accordingly.  Do check for leaks in and around the hot water heater, if there is none try flushing the water heater tank in order to remove any mineral deposits that are quite notorious for reducing the heater’s efficiency.

Check also the temperature-pressure relief valve, this device keeps the pressure from going up too much in the boiler itself. Simply lift or lower its handle, the water should be able to drain easily from the overflow pipe. If it does not, call your friendly neighborhood Minneapolis water heater repair expert.

Hot Water Too Hot

The first step is to adjust the thermostat. Nine times of ten that fixes the problem. Make sure to note the current setting by marking it with a felt-tip pen and then start turning the knob to the cooler setting. If you notice excessive steam or boiling sounds within the water heater itself chances are it is not shutting off at the set temperature.  In this case, the temperature-pressure relief valve may be the problem, turn the water heater’s temperature to cool the water off and then replace the heater’s pressure valve.