Every homeowner planning to have a beautifully manicured lawn needs to use the right kind of grass that is suited for the location and environment.  Choosing the wrong one could lead to expensive maintenance and upkeep such as constant mowing, fertilizers and pesticides. If you live in a warm weather environment here are some grass varieties to consider.


According to lawn care service Crystal May MN experts, this kind of grass is quite resistant to drought, disease and insects. This grass likewise thrives well in sandy or clay environments. Used a lot in coastal areas like Florida, the Bahia variant requires a lot of mowing especially during hot weather.


This type of grass is used in a lot of lawns in the southern United States. It is quite resistant to drought and is quite adaptable to a number of different soils. It is popularly used in parks, golf courses and athletic fields. This kind of grass does not like shade and can handle a lot of foot traffic.


Weed spraying service Long Lake MN specialists recommend this slow growing grass for lawns as it requires little maintenance and even less mowing and fertilizers to thrive.

Saint Augustine

This type of grass is popular in the southern United States and is perfect for coastal areas. It does not like cold weather and high foot traffic.


This is an example of a drought tolerant type of grass. It tends to become deeply rooted in the ground and can handle a high degree of traffic.


Use Native Plants

Native plants that grow locally tend to adapt very well to the current weather and environment. They also integrate well with other landscaping projects. For example, clover and moss are commonly used to cover lawns.

Cedar Bark Mulch

Mulch as we all know is an excellent alternative for homes that require a grass alternative. It is cheap and comes in a variety of sizes and does not collect heat the same way gravel does.