“Location, location, location” – this is the tried and true adage when we are looking to purchase a home or setting up a place of business.  Truth be told, this saying is true for most things like the location of the water heater inside your home. Here are some situations to prove it.

“It’s located in the garage, there is nothing to worry about.”

Most folks dismiss the idea of a potential issue about water heaters since it is located in the garage far away from the reach of kids and pets or nosy houseguests.   True there is a veneer of safety and convenience by putting the heater in the garage but it is not a foolproof you will not encounter problems.  According to Minneapolis water heater plumbers, most water heaters are placed on stands when they are installed in the garage. This is so in order to keep the gas burner at least 18 inches off the floor. To ensure the 18 inch clearance required, builders often extend the higher sub-floor from an adjoining room above the crawlspace, just away enough to establish the platform for the heater and the furnace.

A leaking water heater may quickly damage the floor and the walls in the nearby room. It is not unusual to discover damaged hardwood floors or wall damage within the home caused by a water heater installed in the garage.

“My water heater sits in a pan so I’m OK.”

While pans are quite good at preventing damage from a leaking water heater, not all are equipped with drains and most pans are only designed to prevent a small volume of water from flooding the home.

Preparation is Key

All able persons living in the home should know how to shut off water, gas and electricity in the event of an emergency. It also would be a good idea to know the contact information of the nearest Minneapolis water heater repair professional in case something bad happens with the water heater.

Most water heaters are stored in areas that are inaccessible or somewhere that can easily be ignored by the homeowner thinking it is safe. The key step to preventing problems is to ensure regular maintenance and inspection is done.