Many homeowners find it quite challenging to keep up with a lot of aspects in home care especially lawn maintenance. For example, lawn service is one such area that is underestimated by many homeowners. It is only when they realize that the curb appeal has totally vanished along with their home’s value that they call a professional like insect control service Crystal Minnesota  Do now wait to have an ugly or worse, dead lawn by letting insects or weeds go out of control.

Lawn Disease

A lot of lawn problems are a result of the proliferation of certain fungus variants that use grass as their food. The result is the brown patches, or shredded and shriveled grass blades in your front yard.  For instance, brown patch is found in almost any area in the US with the exception of Southern California and the Mountain states.  Lawns that are infected with Dollar Spot disease or the Red Thread disease have less resilience and are more prone to getting wiped out from weeds and other insects.

Weeds and Pests

According to mosquito control service St. Louis Park MN, the presence of invasive weed species such as crabgrass, creeping Charlie, Dandelion, Canada Thistle and Plantains contribute to significant lawn damage if they are not controlled effectively.  Some of these were introduced as a form of livestock feed in the past but have gone out of control.

Lawns also are under threat from insect and their larvae. These insects eat the grass while grub worms or insect larvae create havoc at the root system and destroy the vital nutritional support system your grass and plants rely on for survival.


Keeping your plants and grass healthy with the use of the right fertilizers is essential to ensure they have the necessary resilience against these invaders. Combine that with regular pest and weed control and you will be able to achieve a healthy lawn all year round.  Talk to a lawn care expert today.