A stick shift refers to care that feature a manual transmission This allows you to have more control over your vehicle and if done right can make driving more efficient in terms of mileage.  Most cars in the US use automatic transmission to allow ease and convenience when driving but nothing feels better than to use the clutch to determine your gear allowing you to have more control on its performance.  Here are some tips on how to take care of your manual transmission vehicle.

Avoid Clutch Riding

According to Elk River tire and Auto experts a common mistake of stick shift driving is riding the clutch. When using the clutch, press your foot completely down and avoid resting your feet on it as it will easily wear out. It pays to know how your clutch works and doing so will allow you to spend little time riding it as possible.


Some drivers have discovered that your car will slow down a little when tapping the clutch however this is not a very good idea as it will not only wear the clutch quickly it will also not turn your brake lights on. What happens is that you will slow down but other drivers will not notice it as your lights won’t turn on.  Use your brakes not the clutch.

Match Revs

The gears on your clutch work by changing the power ratios. If the car’s engine only needs to run at 2 thousand revolutions per minute in order to maintain a specific speed, it will need more of that when you shift it to 2nd gear.  Engine repairs experts say that when you downshift be careful when accelerating or else the engine will lurch as there are fewer revs into a high-ratio gear which puts additional stress on the clutch as well as the transmission and engine. Any of these components breakdown, will result in costly repair work. To avoid this issue, gently press the accelerator just a little wen downshifting.