Every fall season, homeowners are always faced with the dilemma whether or not to rake the fallen leaves scattered about on their respective lawns.  According to weed control service Chaska Minnesota specialists, unless you like the idea of reseeding in spring you should not leave the leaves on your lawn the entire winter.  This brings another question to the fore, which is whether to hire someone to get rid of the problem or risk blisters and all and just do them yourself.

What Leaves can do

According to lawn care service Crystal Bay MN experts, leaves that are left to pile up in your lawn could build up to form a heavy mass that can damage grass and kill plants. For instance, matted leaves easily block the sun as well as reduce the evaporation of water resulting to mold, fungus disease formation. These two alone can destroy your lawn very quickly.

Smaller leave that decompose faster or simply get blown away by the wind such as honey locust, gingko, birch trees and dogwood can be allowed to be left on the ground provided they do not get too thick.

Leaf Removal

There are a couple of ways that one can go about doing this. The first is to use a running mower over them so as to reduce them into smaller bits that can be left there as additional nutrients or raking and collecting them.

The fact that leaves are organic and in the right setup could decompose into an amazing soil additive it is best not to bag them or if you must consider paper bags. Many landscaping companies offer leaf removal options. They usually use a vacuum to get rid of the smallest bits from your lawn or go old school by raking them onto a tarp and then hauling them off.